Centro Prenatal El Nido: Prenatal Center

Mission to Costa Rica opened up its prenatal center, El Nido, in May 2019. The center’s goal is to help women to understand all things involving pregnancy and postnatal care through Christ-based curriculum.

The center is sponsored by Beautiful Feet International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving women across the globe. Through their curriculum, women can learn things like vaccination importance, care for children with Down Syndrome, and positive self-discipline. 

Each month, the moms gather at the prenatal center to discuss new themes they have been learning and how their week, or month, is going. Along with the group meeting, moms are required to meet individually with counselors at the center to discuss future goals and the next theme they would like to learn.

Moms earn while they learn through the points system within the curriculum. After completing a theme, a certain number of points is given to them; points can be applied to the baby boutique on site. The boutique has everything from strollers to diapers, and the points system helps motivate mothers to further their learning. 

Other services at the prenatal center include sonograms, ultrasounds and pregnancy tests. Mission to Costa Rica currently has 10 moms in their program.