Meet John and Jill

Jill Hutchins: Executive Director and Co-Founder 

Jill Hutchins was a high school Spanish teacher in Minnesota for 16 years, and has her Master's in Educational Leadership from Bethel University. Now, she's training new leaders within the preschool about early childhood education and how to teach children about Jesus. Alongside these responsibilites she also is in charge of all the administrative duties associated with the Preschool, Prenatal Center, Mission Trips, and Health Department requirements and permissions associated with each program. 


John Hutchins: Financial Administrator and Co-founder

John Hutchins was a business owner and a historic home remodeler. His skills in running a business and building architecture are applied in order to meet the requirements of the building and health codes for the ministry. John oversees financial needs of the preschool, the other programs within the organization, and meets Globe International's 501c3 standards.