Meet the Team

Jill Hutchins: Executive Director and Co-Founder 

Jill Hutchins was a high school Spanish teacher in Minnesota for 16 years, and has her Master's in Educational Leadership from Bethel University. Now, she's training new leaders within the preschool about early childhood education and how to teach children about Jesus. Alongside these responsibilites she also is in charge of all the administrative duties associated with the Preschool, Prenatal Center, Mission Trips, and Health Department requirements and permissions associated with each program. 


John Hutchins: Financial Administrator and Co-founder

John Hutchins was a business owner and a historic home remodeler. His skills in running a business and building architecture are applied in order to meet the requirements of the building and health codes for the ministry. John oversees financial needs of the preschool, the other programs within the organization, and meets Globe International's 501c3 standards.

Elena Ilama Ortiz: Director of the Preschool

Elena has been working with the Hutchins family since they opened in 2014. She began as a cook within the program and was a natural leader. After that, she became the in charge of house; with two years of training she became the first national director of the preschool. Currently, she is enrolled in a preschool technical program to further develop and enhance her skills concerning early childhood education. 

Jessica Vargas: Senior Staff Member

Jesica joined the team two years ago and has developed an educational program for our preschool aged children(4 to 7 year olds). She designed a curriculum that includes letters, numbers, colors, shapes, Bible stories and crafts. Jesica is currently enrolled in the preschool technical program  to develop and enhance her skills concerning early childhood education. 

Bellanira Carballo: Junior staff member

Bella has been working with Mission to Costa Rica for the past year. She works with the youngest children in the preschool, ages 0 to 3 year old. She helps the children learn how to self-soothe, make the transition from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding and any other developmental needs of the children. 

María Elena Velasco: Head Chef

María Elena is the newest member of Mission to Costa Rica and works in the kitchen to prepare a very specific menu, which was developed by a nutritionist and the Health Department of Costa Rica. Each day, she prepares more than 60 meals that consists of rice, beans, a complete protein, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Her prior skills of cooking for large groups has enabled her to work with efficiency while serving the preschool.

Karla Murillo: Contracted doctor 

Karla has been collaborating with Mission to Costa Rica for the past three years and helps with a variety of health issues like ear infections, viruses, strep throat, parasite infections and common cold symptoms. She does all the required medical documentation of the enrolled children and sees the children's parents since the health department won't see undocumented migrants. 

Kimberly Chinchilla: Contracted child psychologist

Kimberly has been working with us for the last four years. She administers staff-required psychological exams each year and frequently visits to check on child behavior and development. She works on individual, specific plans for children with development or behavior issues. Kimberly also gives in services to our staff on positive self discipline for our staff and other themes concerning child emotional and psychological development.